09 7 / 2014

Upper crust

20140709-035030-13830431.jpgA tiny little eye booger never hurt anybody.

At least, that’s what I thought when I gently wiped a small bit of goo from the inside corner of Jaybird’s eye. The pollen count was high, yellow dusty crap was floating in the air and blanketing everything outside, and we were all sneezing. Babies can’t really expel a surplus of mucus like us grown-ups can, so naturally, eye gunk mustform as a defense…

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07 7 / 2014

10 changes in 10 months

10 changes in 10 months

It's the West Elm summer 2014 drape collection! And I don't care.

It’s the West Elm summer 2014 drape collection! And I don’t care.

The pre-motherhood me frequently declared, “I’ll be the same person I’ve always been when I become a parent!”

Yeah, okay. Like, whaaaa…t? Because for one, the pre-mommy Steph never, ever would’ve drafted a blog post at 3 in the morning. That’s just… just, no.


• I have a much bigger determination to simply get crap done.…

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06 7 / 2014

H. Jeezy at the park - fave Sunday thing

H. Jeezy at the park - fave Sunday thing

29 6 / 2014

Chillin w/ Gary the Giraffe.

Chillin w/ Gary the Giraffe.

20 6 / 2014

Jellicle songs for jellicle babies

Jellicle songs for jellicle babies

Yes. I photoshopped my son's face onto Munkustrap. (Officially losing it.)

Yes. I photoshopped my son’s face onto Munkustrap. (Officially losing it.)

Jay was a little fussy. It was evening, around 6pm, and his 7:30pm bedtime was drawing near. T was mowing the lawn, so it was entirely up to me to come up with something new to do, seeing as how Jay had already become bored with the walker, the jumper, and all of his toys and teethers. We needed some fresh tunage – no more…

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11 6 / 2014


Nowadays, I’m one-hundred-percent astounded by the number of parents who bravely embark on that second-third-fourth child+ journey, adding another little one to the mix. In other words, I’m a first-time mother watching her 9 month old drool, scream, slobber and cry his way through the first set of pearly whites. This experience is absolute insanity for all involved.

Also, if you’re the lucky…

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29 5 / 2014

Bronx-bound baby: taking an infant to Yankee Stadium

Bronx-bound baby: taking an infant to Yankee Stadium


When my sister-in-law and her husband opened their Christmas gift from me this past December, the scene was magical: a photo of baby Jay wearing a Yankees sleeper, holding a sign that said, “go with me to my first Yankee game!”, stuck in the middle of a 12-inch inflatable replica of the stadium, with game tickets to see Jeter & Co. take on the Pirates in May.

They were delighted with the gift…

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18 5 / 2014

His hair smells good #hjayaday

His hair smells good #hjayaday


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12 5 / 2014

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

As I wait for my flight to Kansas City (a trip that will eventually land me in Overland Park, KS, following a little shuttle bus fun), I have some thoughts:

I’ve never flown by myself. This means I can plug my ears with headphones and not speak, and not worry about missing something that someone’s saying to me. I’m okay with that.

Though this trip is for work-related purposes, I can’t help but to…

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12 5 / 2014

My fave pic from this past weekend 💙 #hjayaday #lovemyfam #yankees

My fave pic from this past weekend 💙 #hjayaday #lovemyfam #yankees