13 9 / 2014

Diego, an #Ohiobobcat fan, mean-muggin’. It’s on, kitty kitty. #goherd

Diego, an #Ohiobobcat fan, mean-muggin’. It’s on, kitty kitty. #goherd

06 9 / 2014

Big boy stuff (month 4)

Big boy stuff (month 4)

fourA 7-hour road trip to Morgantown, West Virginia, teething, and starting (more like tasting and spitting out) solids – these were the highlights of month 4.

On road tripping:

We pulled out at 5am, just after feeding Jay.  He settled in for a long nap, sleeping through New York and half of Pennsylvania. I remember thinking, damn, this is easy!

And then, he woke up – and wanted out of the carseat.…

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24 8 / 2014

Stevie, eat, sleep, repeat (month 3)

Stevie, eat, sleep, repeat (month 3)

IMG_0878.JPGAround the time that the sun started setting at basically like 1:30 in the afternoon, Jay was heading into month 3 and I was heading back to the office, part-time. This is when the hours-long crying spells began. This is also when I realized the necessity of establishing Jay’s circadian rhythm, but couldn’t think of a way to try. My energy and patience were plummeting fast, right along with the…

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Two-a-days (month 2)

2 large-sized cups of coffee before noon. 2-hour long naps every 2 hours. 2 outfit changes per day. 2 of everything in the diaper bag. And 2 sets of balls, because quite frankly, having just one set (or none, in my physical case) of balls simply wasn’t enough to handle month numero dos.

Did I mention Jay became twice as alert when weeks 5 through 8 rolled around? I had to be twice as quiet when…

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The mama bear is born (month 1)

The mama bear is born (month 1)

Day 1, month 1: I returned to Coffee.

Day 1, month 1: I returned to Coffee.

New moms-to-be, take heed:

You will not know what the Hell you’re doing those first few weeks. (or maybe, ever.)

The two nights we spent in the hospital following birth via c-section was a bit odd, a blur, exhausting, and exhilarating. Reality – that I’d officially become a mom – didn’t set in until the drive home, while I watched Jay sleep peacefully in his…

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12 months in 12 days

12 months in 12 days

August 31.

August 31.

Four unopened 12-packs of Coca-Cola products are stacked in the spare bedroom downstairs, and a toddler-sized Jake and the Neverland Pirates plush rests on the guest bed, tags still intact. Styrofoam divided plates, plastic forks and spoons, and “Giants blue” napkins are crammed into a Christmas Tree Shop bag beside Jake the Pirate doll, along with a Henry the Hugglemonster…

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Dancing. To NAS. #nas #hiphop #illmatic @dr_todd22

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Good Humor Birthday Cake ice cream bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH! #hjayaday

Good Humor Birthday Cake ice cream bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH! #hjayaday

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Slow the [bleep] down!

Slow the [bleep] down!

Up until my early twenties, I was pretty much oblivious to the fact that neighborhoods are made up of streets filled with tiny children who could dart out into oncoming traffic at any given second.  I was not oblivious to speed limits, which, for the most part I obeyed, but putting the two together – the speed limit is slower because there are people around – rarely happened.  After all, I had…

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Anti-Mall, Pro-Outdoors

20140730-010034-3634782.jpgJay randomly scream-cries when we’re in an indoors shopping facility. It must be the bright fluorescent lighting, or the music, or wracks of clothing that tower over him, or all three.

He’s much happier exploring freely, pulling up grass and shoving it in his mouth, “buh-buh-buh-buh”-ing at puppies, smiling at things like blowing leaves and dirt. He loves watching cars drive by. He stares in awe…

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